Yep, another post that has been done 15,096,784 times.... but I'm going to add one more post to that number. ^.^

You can probably guess thats its going to be about the amazing new Chai group gifts! I love Chai skins, and already have a few in my inventory, but omg - I always need more :D The creator behind Chai skins is always so generous to her group members, its really amazing... and, she does not sacrifice any quality on her gifts. ^.^

Chai - Indigo Faces

Seriously, you must not miss these skins. She has the most creative makeup options, and the best freckles in Second Life (well, at least I think so). I did have to put on the shape I made especially for the Chai skins, because my normal shape did not do the skin any justice. O.o

Chai - Indigo Body

And, the body of these are definitely no different. They are beautifully shaded, highlighted, and well done. :D Seriously, with these skins, the pictures speak for themselves. ^.^

These are subscribe-o-matic gifts, so if you are a member already and didn't get them (SL is so wonky and unreliable lately), you should go to her main store and choose history option 1 on her subscribe-o-matic. Eventually (usually takes about 45 minutes for me), you will receive a package with all these awesome skins. ^.^ Hurry though, gifts don't stay in there for long! You get this makeup in all tones (I only pictured my favorite Nutmeg tone here), as well as freckle options. :D :D

Definitely pick up some skin demos while you are there, you won't be disappointed. ^.^

BTW - I am totally loving this Aoharu hair! Its so wacky, fun and cute, I never want to take it off XD

In-World Location: Chai Skins, Port Seraphine (221, 129, 56)

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    WOW! That skin looks amazing in your shape! You look absolutely stunning! <3