I am noticing a trend lately with me. Now that I am without a partner, my love for extravagant gowns is fading, and the dresses I wear seem to be getting shorter. Bats never liked me to wear extremely short things, or cleavage showing shirts.... so now I find myself digging in my inventory, uncovering all those things I loved, but couldn't wear then. 'Cause now I can. :P

Elate - Felicity Dress

I found this adorable little thing from Elate, hiding in my inventory. It's so darn cute, and definitely makes me feel beautiful while wearing it. Seriously, I love how it flows over the body, and makes it better that it attaches on 3 different points. So, it moves perfectly with me. I haven't seen a stand in my Vista-filled AO that really messes this dress up. It looks great. Also, all the prims are flexi, so it moves with you - totally cute XD And... omg. My big butt does not show through the back of the dress! I swear, this creator *must* have a shape similar to mine, because this really needed no editing at all to fit. Huge bonus. :D

And omg - when I just TP'ed there to grab the SLURL and price, I seen that there was a PINK version of this dress that I have to get my paws on. :D

What: Felicity Dress in Night - $150L
Where: Elate!, Wuthering Heights (150, 42, 26)
What Else: Hair by Aden, necklace by Alienbear, ears by Illusions, manicure by Skin Within. See the In-World Locations page for where to buy information.

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    Lol I promise myself no shopping anymore untill next week...but i had to have it!
    You look gorgeus <3
    BTW can I link your blog on mine?

  2. LOL! I always promise myself no more shopping, but I always break them within the first 5 minutes. XD I guess you just can't stop a shop-a-holic from shopping. :P

    Aww~ thank you, and or course you can link - no need to ask :D

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    Thanks for the blogging! It looks fantastic on you, hun! You should definitely dust off those shorter flirty dresses. :) And yes, my avie does have a bit of junk in her trunk hehe!

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    You are just the cutest avatar ever. The skin, the ears, your style ..all of it = too cute!

  5. Kellie - Thank you :D Love this dress, but I have to ask - is there any plans for future colors? I'd kinda love to see this in white :D

    Dove - awwww~~~ omg. Thank yooou~ *Tacklehugs Dove* :P

  6. OMG, *bonks self on head* There *IS* a white version, after I found out when I TP'ed to grab the pink one.

    *face plants* I swear, I should really wait until things fully rezz before I open my big mouth XD

    My apologies, Kellie. /me worships the awesome creator that makes my bum look so darn cute. ^^

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    Hehe ^.^ Yes, there is already a white one. I do, however, have plans for a couple more colors from suggestions that people have given me. And Dove, you're right she does look adorable!

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    I completely -ADORE- that dress, I have it too! I keep meaning to go back an get more colors...