Any techies out there that want to help me? After starting the RC viewer, I can't seem to even open the standard SL client anymore. I double click the Second Life Icon, and it immediately goes to crash logging screen. I've contacted support regarding this, but I have determined they are useless. Told me to attach the Second Life log file - but on my computer - it says I don't have access to open it or attach it to the support ticket. The support people told me to uninstall SL along with any other Second Life files (the log included), but I can't even delete them from my system because I have Access Denied to a few files. WTH? I can log into the RC viewer just fine, but I hate it, and want to go back to the standard. -.- Has this happened to anyone else? If so, how did you fix it? TT_TT

Anyway, back to fashion. With my last post on Chai skins, it occurred to me that I've never reviewed any of the hair I picked up from Aoharu. I grabbed several hairs a few weeks ago when they were on sale, and won one in a lucky chair a few days ago.

Aoharu Hairs - 01

What I love about them: they are messy, and have wacky buns XD Most of the hair from Aoharu is almost entirely sculptie - so be warned of the crazy balls on your head before you rezz O.o The textures on these are great as well, but not realistic like Zero Style or Maitreya's new ones. These are great still :D (Can you tell the one on the right is the one I won in the lucky chair? :P)

Aoharu Hairs - 02

These hairs are not really my style, but I couldn't resist getting them. I loved the way the bangs looked and might need to put them to use someday. ^.^ Its probably important to note that I did edit some of these hairs quite a bit, to fit around my ears. But, I didn't edit them to the point that they are unrecognizable anymore.

What: Ann, Catherine, Momo, Samantha, all in Black - $120L Each, Rebecca in Milky Montblanc - Free from Lucky Chair
Where: Aoharu, Aoharu (110, 124, 23)
What Else: Dress from Baiastice, ears from Illusions, necklace from Muse. See the In-World Locations page for where to buy information.

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    So very cute!!!!

    And: Nicholaz BE-v is what I use. Hasn't failed me yet.

    (it's not windlight btw) Once he finishes his windlight version I will use that. HOWEVER: CoolSL has a windlight version which is nice. Maybe I am biased but both clients include a lot of the patches my husband has done. And it makes life better. (And plenty of patches other awesome resident devs have done which make SL better!)

    Hope this helps!!!! IM me if you need help have questions, etc etc....

  2. OMG, the Nicholaz one totally worked! :D I am very happy now ^.^

    The other one, CoolSL - didn't work so well... it gave me the same error. *sigh* TT_TT

    Thanks for letting me know about that viewer, I didn't realize there were others out there. I will use the Nicholaz one (and the Linden RC viewer for pictures until it doesn't work anymore), and hope there will be a windlight version sometime down the way :D

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    glad it worked!!! CoolSL is still very very new so it has it's problems. Last I read on Nicholaz's blog he was working on a windlight version... but that can change.

    Very glad I could be of help!! I love the Nicholaz version b/c I prefer the old UI.