ZOMG, I've just been in shoe overload these past few days. I recently found the Shiny Things reduced price section, then Stiletto Moody's sale... and now, I found a new place for sculpted boots! I have a few issues with the most popular boot makers, so I am trying to venture to lesser-known places. And omg, I'm shocked I don't see more people blogging about this place called J's. When I saw it on this blog post, I had to go check them out.

LooseFit Boots

I was not disappointed at all, either. This place has loads of stuff, and their boots even come with several different options to wear them! I immediately picked up these fantastic LooseFit Boots in black. They were a tad small, so for the first time in my SLife, I had to create a boot shape. Thats ok though, because these are awesome. They come with both styles shown, one with buckles, one without. So, its like... two boots in one! ^^ They come with 2 sizes as well. OMG, I love these.

Goth BeltBoots

Another boot I picked up is these really cute Goth BeltBoots. They come in options with and without buckles, and you can even mix up the options for more possibilities. The quality, and the options your receive with these boots is just amazing.

K3 Sandals

Boots not your thing? They also have some sandals and pointed toe heels. I picked up a pair of K3 Sandals in white. OMG, cute. They do have more shoes, and is definitely worth checking out. The prices are great, considering the quality of the sculpties. The have demos available for most of their boots as well. ^^ A real bummer though - they don't allow landmarks to be made on their land. Whats up with that?

What: LooseFit Boots in Black - $250L, Goth BeltBoots - $300L, K3 Sandals in White - $150L
Where: J's, Tsukishima (207, 232, 22)

Now, back to the RL family tradition of making tamales for the Superbowl. ^^

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    Hi! Glad you found them, I've got several pairs of J's boots! I love them. ^,~