I have to be honest, when Minnu Model Skins rolled out their new faces a while ago, I was totally disappointed. From people's preview pictures, they had looked so incredibly awesome, I was so excited to see them when they came out. But - after trying on a demo, they did not look good on my shape at all. But, now that I'm tweaking shapes a little more, I decided to try on a demo again, and see if I could make my shape work with these.

Minnu - NF Linda Face

I think - what was so terrifying to me about the new faces... is the eyelid crease. I wasn't entirely fond of it, and I can't find out how to lessen it, but I think the dark eye makeup in this skin helps with that. I do like the eyebrows a bit better on these, they are not so paper thin as the other ones from Minnu. So - while I wasn't fond of them before, they are growing on me as I get better at modifying my shape to suit them. I am beginning to like this skin very much, and I keep finding little things in my face to tweak to make it look better and such. ^^

Minnu - NF Linda

And, the body seems to be the same great quality that Minnu puts out, so no worries there. I don't really think anything changed with the body. But - once Linden Labs works out content theft, and Minnu starts releasing again, I would love to see this in new tones and new makeups to experiment with. Though, I hope these will not replace the original faces because those still remain my favorites from Minnu.

By the way, anyone notice the Glam World 3 sim on the map? Can't wait to see whats going on there ^^ And omg - I've been trying to hunt down that hair that Minnu Palen has on the cover of Glam SL magazine, I have no idea where to find it! TT_TT

What: NF Linda in Pale - $1200L
Where: Minnu Model Skins, Glam World (100, 176, 23)
What Else: Hair by Truth, bikini by Winter Moon, poses by Imperial Elegance. See the In-World Locations page for SLURLs.

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    I love Linda on you Sai!!

    The hair that Minnu is wearing on the cover of GlamSL is actually one of the many that she has made and hasn't released.

    We'll be making an announcement about some very exciting things going on at Glam World soon. (but it seems you've already noticed at least one. *winks*)

  2. Awww~ thanks!

    You mean... shes keeping that amazing hair from us?! OMG *dies* I love that hair soooo much TT_TT

    Oooo! New things at Glam World? Will the clothes from the Glam SL Launch fashion show have anything to do with it? O.o And possibly where she is going to sell that hair I *must* have? :P

    /me waits impatiently for the announcement to see whats going on