Adam n Eve is best known to me for their skins, but they do sell a number of other products. I have yet to try on their gowns (omg, I sooooo need to do that soon!), but I do have a couple pairs of their shoes, and I love them.

Adam n Eve - Scamander Heels

Here is the new Scamander Heels in bronze and black. OMG - No pointy toe! :D For those who read my blog often, you know I have huge issues with pointy toed shoes, and I have made it my quest to find rounded sculptie heels. However, these are detailed (just look at that zipper!), awesomely textured, sculptie, inexpensive, and .... not pointy! The perfect shoe for me. XD They have demos in each color, which is great because I can't even count the times I spent $L on a color that didn't match the way I wanted to. These, you know exactly what you get before you buy. Pure awesomeness. ^^

They look fun to roam around the grid in - makes me want to buy that funky afro I seen the other day, and put on my super-flared jeans. ^^

What: Scamander Heels in bronze and black - $200L each
Where: Adam n Eve, Genesis (47, 153, 23)

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    You may already have seen this, but since you mention not having tried the gowns yet ... there's currently a free gown (with a matching pair of sculpted shoes) available upstairs (teleport to formal gowns and go northwest).

  2. O_O Seriously?! OMG, I somehow missed hearing about that! Thanks for telling me ^^

    *quickly teleports to Adam n Eve*

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    Squee! These are the heels he named after me. I didn't know he'd released them yet, the sneaky bugger. I knew you'd be all over 'em, Sai as soon as he agreed to make them. They're modelled off some shoes I have IRL. XD

  4. Ah! I had no idea these were named after you! XD

    They are great shoes, definitely up with my favorite pairs. ^^