There are certain things I see, that I HAVE to own, and will go to extreme lengths to find it. I had seen this specific kimono on several pictures, and I loved it to pieces. I eventually asked the Fashion Emergency group to help me out on finding it. I linked a picture, and omg, they instructed me to go to BareRose.

I love BareRose very much, and how this outfit escaped me, I have no idea. But, sure enough, it was there. I found it right away among the hundreds of items, which was surprising. I had made myself a cup of coffee, and expected to be hunting for a few hours. O.o

BareRose - Uchikake

OMG, I bought it, took it home, and tried it on. I LOVE it! While its definitely not something I will wear often, I think it will be perfect for pictures on some of the amazing Japanese sims out there. And since this is a BareRose outfit, it comes with a ton of stuff. The outfit, the shoes, as well as the fan came with it. I love the rich colors of this outfit as well, they pop out, and the textures make it look super soft and silky. I had actually purchased a set of animated fans (that matched amazingly perfect) from Orchid Dreams to go with this, but totally forgot to picture them. TT_TT

What: Uchikake - $140L
Where: BareRose, Bare Rose (146, 12, 30)
What Else: Hair and ornaments by Zero Style. See the In-World Locations page for SLURLs!

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    :O That's amazing!