I'm going to spare you all the V-day stuff because frankly - I'm not fond of it. Instead, I'll ramble along about my favorite hair shop while I watch horror movies all day. ^^ On to the post: I love Zero Style, and I love their textures the most. I recently wandered in there and came across the most adorable hair style I have ever seen.


As soon as my eyes hit it, I hit the buy button. ^^ Its just soooo cute, girly and totally filled with Zero Style goodness. I love everything about this hairstyle, especially the bangs. They are, in my opinion, the best bangs I've ever seen. I wish I could get my RL bangs to look this way TT_TT I picked this style up in the Darks pack, that came with the colors Chestnut, Dark Chocolate, and Raven.

What: Candi in Darks - $300L
Where: Zero Style, Zero Style (122, 134, 38)
What Else: Hoodie by Pushbutton Industries, shirt by Boing Fromage. See the In-World Locations page for SLURLs.

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