BareRose - Over The Rainbow

The quality of June Dion's clothing from BareRose amazes me. So, when I seen this cute "Over the Rainbow" set from her, I went and bought it. OMG, I love it. While wearing the backpack around the grid isn't really practical, I never want to take these pants off! I love the map, the oil cans, the sculpted pockets, the wrench, and omg.... the lantern! I'm not entirely sure that you can see in the image, but it has a little candle with particle effects in it.

BareRose - Over The Rainbow Backpack

I wanted to show a close up of the backpack, because it looks amazing. Since this is a BareRose product, you definitely get amazing quality at a really low price. This set comes with a brown version of the pants, as well as a green pair, a few more color variations of the shirt, gloves, the backpack, and the pictured necklace.

What: Over The Rainbow - $150L
Where: BareRose, Bare Rose (67, 33, 38)
What Else: Hair by ETD, boots by Shiny Things. See the In-World Locations page for SLURLs.

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    i love this outfit! how the heck does june keep turning out these detailed orientated outfits?

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    This was worth fighting my own lag to get. I love this outfit.