Gah~ I apologize for my lack of blogging the past day and a half! Hana, my dog in real life went to get spayed yesterday, and she hasn't been feeling well. But, it seems she's doing better tonight, so I can sneak away to blog! ^^

Orchid Dreams - SaSa Wedge Shoes

Orchid Dreams - I love the name of the shop, the creator, and the products. Emeriselle Theas, the creator behind this little piece of Japanese creativity, has great sculptie skills, and these adorable shoes show it. Spring is coming up on me really soon, and these wedges are just perfect for many dresses I have tucked away in my inventory.

I really adore these wedges, especially the little bows. XD They come in 5 patterns, though I only pictured 4 of them. The fifth one that I didn't picture was a blue version of the pink wedge.

What: SaSa Wedge Shoes - $175L each, or $600L for the fatpack of all 5
Where: Orchid Dreams, Asagao (53, 37, 22)

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    I've been wearing these almost non-stop since I got them! (The blue wedges, no less...) So cute, so feminine without being over the top girly!