I am definitely no stranger to Edelweiss. I've previously blogged several school uniforms from there, and even participated in the CSR event because I wanted their pink maid outfit. O.o They are known to me as the cosplay heaven, and I love things like that. So, naturally, when I heard they released a new outfit called Emma, I *HAD* to get it.

Edelweiss - Emma

OMG, this looks totally just like the Emma's maid outfit from the anime/manga series, Victorian Romance Emma (which, omg, was one of the *best* shoujo animes ever created! XD). I love it to pieces. As with most Edelweiss products, this comes in a variety of options, which keeps a rabid fangirl like me as happy as a clam. ^^ Though, I have to say: I was a tad bit disappointed this outfit did not include glitch pants. I did make my own, and while that wasn't difficult, I think it would have been a little weird to walk around without them. O.o I had IM'ed the creator thinking it might have been a slight error, but well, it wasn't. So, be warned: this has no pants.

But still, it is easy to make your own pants, and its totally worth it. I adore this set... even if I will only wear it while picking up spare prims in my skybox XD. I wish I could find somewhere that has done Emma's hairstyle now. *pokes hair creators*

What: Emma - $600L
Where: Edelweiss, Zero Style (221, 71, 29)
What Else: Hair by Zero Style, shoes by Edelweiss, neko ears by SkinPop. See the In-World Locations page for SLURLs.

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    oooh it's lovely, and i don't even have a clue what it's based on. nevertheless, it's a tempting buy!

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