Gah~ Sorry for my lack of posting! I've been having some serious insomnia, and trust me - my sleepy posts are totally not good. But! I have been feeling better, so I'm ready to start blogging again. This post will be a little different than usual, because I want to show off the costume I wore to the Illusions Marti Gras Masque 2008 last night. I spent A LOT of time on this, making sure I was under the 200 prim limit, and putting everything together. I am very, very, proud of it, and want to show it off a bit more ^^


Here it is! OMG, I really love it. I started with the Ageha Wedding dress from BareRose, but it had too many prims, so I only used the top layer of the skirt (the lacey/ribbony part). I loved it, and was determined to use it as some sort of addition to a normal gown. I modified Last Call's Moderna by taking off a big bow in the back, to use it it as the base. That part turned out reasonably well.


The Ageha BareRose gown came with some wings, but they really were not what I was looking for. So, I headed off to Material Squirrel to find some wings. I checked out the demos (of every single one) several times, before deciding on the Winter Fairy wings. OMG, they were a great choice, and look amazing with the dress.


I hunted in my inventory for a mask, and found the perfect Valkyrie mask from Illusions. Perfect. Hair - I have an expansive selection of hair all in black. I knew I wanted white hair, but... well, I had no white hair that would fit perfectly over the mask I chose. I headed to Truth (since ETD was closed), and picked up the Berri dollarbie hair (with all shades!). OMG, perfect x2. My neck looked bare, so I used Muse's Christmas Group Gift, considering it was only 22 prims. ^^

My original planned shoes was a Stiletto Moody pair, but considering they were 20 prims each, they were not an option. I found Maitreya's Enchant that were only 7 prims each! Even if you can't see them in the pictures, they really are there ^^

Where to Find: Ageha Wedding - BareRose, Moderna Gown - Last Call, Valkyrie Mask - Illusions, Winter Fairy Wings - Material Squirrel, Berri - Truth, Bells and Ribbons - Muse, Enchant - Maitreya. See the In-World Locations page for SLURLs.

Side Note: More pictures of the Illusions Marti Gras Masque 2008 can be seen on my Flickr stream here. And, OMFG - I was invited to the amazing Glam SL Magazine opening! I arrived and seen some of the biggest names in SL fashion. It was such an honor to be invited and sit in the same room as these amazing talents. My PC was freaking out, I crashed twice, and models wouldn't rez properly for pictures for me, but - it was amazing. I had such a great time, and spent 99,9% of it in total fangirl-mode. It took everything I had not to IM each person there and ask for an autograph. :P The pictures I was able to grab at this show can also be found at my flickr stream here.

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    Wow! You look phenomenal.

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    WOW is right! That outfit is jaw dropping. Nice work! That is absolutely beautiful.

  3. Aww~ thanks all! I loooooved my outfit so much ^^