I'm sure people are going to scream at me over this, but I have no idea why Stiletto Moody's shoes are so darn expensive. It clicks, blings, its sculptie, but... doesn't most of the shoes out there do the same for half of the price? I never considered buying any of Stiletto Moody's shoes, just because they are totally out of my price range. So, when I heard they were having a sale for their group members, I wanted to see what all the fuss was about with these shoes.

Stiletto Moody Shoes

I dislike pointy toes, so I picked up a few of the non-pointed, non-platform ones. I'll give Stiletto credit, these are really pretty, detailed, and a lot of work went into these. But... Other shoe makers probably put out the same quality for the less the price. I thought everything was on sale, and purchased the wedge shoe - only find that it was full price. *sigh* -Note to self- READ group notice next time. But, with the exception of that one, I think I'll wait until she has her occasional sale to buy from her - just because I can't bring myself to pay over $750L for a heel that will get lost in my inventory. Perhaps I'm just not a shoe person? *shrugs*

So - the reason I'm blogging this is to let you guys know Stiletto Moody is having a 40% off sale on her winter collection (items on the pink floor are not on sale, as I found out the hard way), for her group members. So, join the group and check out the sale ^^ It lasts until Sunday.

SLURL: Stiletto Moody Shoes, Deauville (45, 29, 22)

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    I agree, they are overpriced. The color options are also not ideal. But they are very nice shoes. I bought one pair on sale, and might buy more if something comes out that I really want *and* it's on sale. But it won't be on my frequent-shopping list.

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    I love her shoes and the craftmanship, I havent really found alot of shoemakers that have the same quality. The prices are a bit steep and I have to really want the style at full price

  3. Solaesta - Its definitely not on my frequent shopping list either. But I'm glad that I'm not the only one who thinks they are overpriced. From the massive crowd outside the shop before they opened, I was starting to think I was crazy. O.o

    Lila - Hmmm.... I'll agree that the market for quality sculpted shoes is pretty tiny, but really... $975L for a heel is way to high in my opinion. I can understand if the style was so incredible, and I can utterly not live without it, I'll consider purchasing it. Maybe my problem is that she hasn't created a shoe that struck that cord with me yet? *Shrugs*

    But even so, she is on my "to-watch" list, to see what she comes out with next... maybe one day she will make a heel (or even better - a boot) that I can't live without. ^^

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    I have to say I agree with you 150%. And I AM a shoe person. I can get 2-3 pairs of Shiny things shoes for the price of just one of Stiletto Moody's.

    And frankly, I like most of my Shiny Things shoes much better anywhere.

    I check now and then, and the store is also on my watch list, but there has never been a style I've absolutely drooled over and particularly not at Stiletto's prices.

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    Hi there Sai :) I thought you might be interested in the comments of my post on the same subject http://michami.net/blog/2007/10/26/red-rock/
    Stiletto Moody comments herself. Btw, I completely agree with you :)

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    Yep, I have to say I fully agree with you, and I also should have read the notecard more clearly. :\

    I will never again buy overpriced shoes from Stiletto Moody, and instead go spend all my lindens at Maitreya and Shiny Things.

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    Typically businesses will charge what the market will bear for their product. This all comes down to a matter of taste, personal preference and style, and what one is willing to pay for something they're crazy about. SM shoes are exactly what I have been looking for. So many times I have gone to the other designers shops mentioned in these comments with a fistful of Lindens and left with nothing. Yes the shoes are well made and creative and priced comparatively but ... to me ... *yawn*. SM is filling a niche with these designs and I, for one, am willing to lay down my Lindens and slap those sky-high stilettos on my ugly avi feet. ; )

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    ofelia, you sound like a commercial...do you work for SM, by any chance?

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    Hi Anonymous .. no, I don't work for SM - I'd have said so if I did. You can see who I work for in my profile picks if you're curious. I guess I do sound like a commercial but I'm very disheartened over the things that have happened in fashion in SL this weekend. We've lost Emilia Redgrave from SL and she's taking her new and unreleased skins with her, and Minnu Palen is holding off on her new releases as a result of design theft. I just wanted to toss some support in the direction of someone I think is a talented designer.

  10. Milla - It's interesting to see Stiletto Moody's thoughts on her customer's opinions. It is good that she comes out and explains a bit. ^^ I also looked through all the other comments... Its great to really see that I'm not alone in my thoughts here.

    Ofelia - Stiletto's style isn't something I normally go for, so naturally I would feel a bit iffy on her prices. I do think that her designs are creative, interesting, and I haven't seen any sculptie heel like it in SL. ^^

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    I would buy tons of her shoes if they were priced realistically, brcause I do thnk they are nice, but theyre not THAT nice.

    Plus, she doesnt even offer demos, which is crazy to expect someone to pay that kind of money and not even be able to try them on first

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    And by realistically, I mean, around half the price they are now. I mean, I do think its fine to market your stuff as expensive and upscale, and their quality seems to warrant that ( I wouldnt know for sure, no demos to try) So yeah, around 400-500L would be fair to me.

  13. Annyka - Ah! That was going to be another thing I was going to talk about! Demo shoes! I totally spaced out. OMG, I think offering demo shoes is almost a MUST lately... and with the price of these makes it even more logical to me.

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    I was just out at SM today and while I was impressed with the craftsmanship, I was not impressed with the overinflated prices or most of the styles. But there IS an option to get a demo if you right click on the vendor and choose Service. However, out of the 4 I tried, no demo was available. That is an instant dealbreaker for me most of the time because my avatar is on the smaller side and some size 0 shoes still look enormous on me.

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    I own several pairs of shoes that were purchased on sale. Even the sale price is pushing my comfort range. I can afford to pay full price, but I just don't think they are worth it. Beautiful though. I don't use any of the features that supposedly drive the price up. I like lots of color and variety, and avoid the extra frills like heel sounds and bling. I care less about people staring at my feet thinking I have $L to burn, and more about mileage for my lindens.

    But it's hardly the only merchant that pushes on the pricy side. Stores are welcome to charge what they want. They still seem to get enough business to be satisfied. I suspect they'd get even more if they would tweak their pricing model a tad, but if she's okay with it, more power to her. In the meantime, I can wait for sales. Now if we can get Muism to have a sale...

  16. Alicia - Wow, it didn't even occur to me to look under the Service menu. O.o There really should be a box next to the shoe with big, giant words: "DEMO" for people like me XD

    Anonymous - I think Milla suggested it on her blog a few months ago - to offer a lower priced version without all the scripts... THAT, I think is a brilliant idea. I'm not fond of the bling, clicks, and whatnot either, so having a cheaper version without it would be wonderful. ^^ And, omg... if there was a Muisum sale, I'd be in total heaven ^^

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    Smack me and call me a brand ho, but I wept (not really) when I realized I missed this sale.

    I think it's the red sole with the signature pink heart on the bottom -- it gives them kind of a Christian Louboutin vibe, and I sure as hell can't afford THOSE in real life.


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    (LOL -- not sure why this post came up as a CURRENT -- as in, August -- post. "Hit 'Refresh,' Emerald, you dork!")