Lycee - PonPon Cape

I'm obsessed with fuzzy things with bows. So, when I seen these in my Japanese sim wanderings, I *HAD* to get them. I love these, and they are totally cute, however - they are too small for me, and non modifiable. Its probably not such a big deal, but if I can't get an attachment to fit just right on my shape, I will not wear it. My shoulders pop out of the sides of these, but omg, its just so cute!

I will most likely end up modifying my shape to wear these, because I like them so much. They are great for smaller avatars though ^^

What: PonPon Cape in white as well as black - $100L each
Where: Lycee, Honmoku (148, 29, 36)
What Else: Hair by Zero Style, dresses by Armidi. See the In-World Locations page for SLURLs!

Side Note: Congrats to the Another Fundraiser team for the awesome fundraiser they did! You can see the few pictures of the closing party that I took on my flickr stream here.

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