Ususally, I am a very shy person who will not approach someone to ask where they bought something. So, I am always seeing people wear things, then I got out to hunt for that particular object later. Well, when I saw someone wearing a particular dress, I knew I couldn't live without it... so I gathered my courage and asked. She sent me a LM, and I teleported right away.

Kesbah - Eve

Turns out, it was at X3D Apparel, somewhere I have been to before. I quickly found the item I wanted, and purchased it. At first, I was not really sure about the top. I never seem to have enough self confidence to wear something so... small. However, after going out dancing in this, I am starting to get used to it. The skirt is so damn adorable, I love everything about it - the pattern, the belt, the design.

What: X3D - Kesbah (Eve), $250L
Where: Dacham (144, 164, 0)

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