I've never really looked at Last Call for clothing before. I love their nail polish, and skins, but never thought their clothing was right for my neko look. After seeing that the majority of their pants come with sculpted prim legs, I bought a few outfit sets to try them out. I am impressed with the quality of them. I can easily see why Last Call is so popular - Their outfits are amazing. They are so easy to mix and match as well, which makes them even more for the money you pay.


Above is the Anais outfit. I love this... you can wear just the jacket, and they come on a shirt layer as well as a jacket layer. Yay~ Oh, and the pants, the deciding factor of my purchase, are just as nice. The prim legs come in 2 versions: slouchy or smooth. Both look wonderful ^_^


The Micha set surprised me. You get the pants outfit, as well as a bonus skirt for extra mix and matching! And no detail is left out. Everything is taken into consideration with these clothes. They are definitely a work of art.

I love both these outfits, but I really wish that the prim pants were sold as separates. I totally love these outfits, but sometimes I just want a pair of pants O.o

What: Last Call - Anais, $275L, and Micha, $325L
Where: Dazzle (68, 11, 27)

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