Neko Tail

Ever since buying my favorite set of black neko ears from ElectroCatz, I've been looking for a tail that would match them. I have a few, but they are not the right shade of black. I was thrilled when I saw this adorable tail from Passionate Neko Dreams.

There are a few things I love about this tail. First, it is not like the other typical neko tails out there. This one is short, and totally scruffy looking. Also, I adore the little ropes at the base of the tail. So cute~ It also matches my ears really well, which is an awesome bonus.


I know some people like their tails to have options. This one doesn't. It attaches, then just swishes around a little occasionally. Which, is ideal for me, because I love that. This will definitely be my primary tail for a while.

What: Passionate Neko Dreams - Short Neko Tail (Midnight Black), $175L
Where: Forsaken Enterprises (111, 189, 501)

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