I love sales. Seriously. And - when sales of gowns happen, I go into financial ruin. Haha~ anyways, Diva Ladieswear is having a great $99L sale on some of their gowns until the 12th. I stopped by today to check them out, and fell in love with a few of their gowns. They have pretty much everything I look for in a dress (no full flexi cylinders and they cover my heels), and you also get a few different options of flexi skirts with your purchase. Don't believe me? Check out the pictures:

Diva Collection - Midnight

This is the Midnight dress. This resized picture doesn't really show the detail, but if you click on it to get the full flickr size, it gets better. One option with this dress, is you can wear a lace flexi skirt (seen on the left), or the second option, a satin one (seen on the right). I love the options that these dresses come with. <3

Diva Collection - Divarina

I also purchased the Divarina gown. This came with wide dress option (left), the normal option (right), as well as an open front option that I didn't get a picture of. This is a great gown, however, I am not entirely fond of the see-through skirt. I'm sure it will come in handy someday though.

The sale is inside The Purple Moon, a club on the same sim. The dresses included in the sale are all $99L, and will last until Wednesday. To get more information, you can visit the Diva Ladieswear shop, or just check out The Purple Moon.

SLURL: Full Moon Island (234, 37, 22)

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