Haraju-ju Skullz Skirt

I am absolutely in love with this skirt from i-Candy. Its got two layers of flexi panels - a solid black layer on the bottom, and a skull patterned layer on top. My most favorite part of this skirt... is definitely the flexi bow in the back. It is totally adorable, and its something I've never really seen before. It is short, cute, skully, and has a flexi bow... what is not to love? In fact, I bought two other similar skirts because I loved it so much.

These skirts with bows are not the only goodies in i-Candy. I have to admit, I've never even heard of this shop until they sent out a FashCon notice... so I was thrilled to have been informed of this shop. I ended up buying a few skirts, an awesome skull hoodie, and a bracelet. They even have an item called a "ButtCape". O.o

What: i-Candy - Haraju-ju Skullz Skirt, $100L
Where: Asmodeus (28, 195, 41)

On a side note, ETD is now open again! Unfortunately, my computer can't handle all the lag there, so I'll be checking out the new build (and new items!) in a few days, hopefully the traffic will have died down. Love hair as much as I do? Go check it out on ETD Isle.

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