When I was a newbie, Gurl6 was one of the first places I bought hair from. Ever since finding Kin, I've never really looked back at Gurl6. But - When I seen their September freebie, I decided to go check the shop out once again, and pick up the September box as well. I tell you, Gurl6 just keeps growing and growing. I remember back in my newbie days, I spent hours in the shop looking for one hair that I couldn't live without. Now that its been several months, the store seems to have tripled in size. And - I don't really have time to go through it all. So, I settled to check out the new releases in the entrance.

Taylor Hair

I quickly found the Taylor hair, and I knew I couldn't leave without it. So, I picked up the Midnight color pack, grabbed the September $1L freebie, and picked up a few limited edition hairstyles. Off I went to try my new hair out. What is awesome about Gurl6 is that their hair comes in three sizes - which relieves some stress of resizing hair for my head. The medium size fits perfectly on my avatar. I got 4 different color shades in the midnight pack: black (my personal favorite, and pictured on the right), black cherry (which is like a dark purpleish-pink), and dirtier white (also pictured), and rebel (an insane red and black). I love this hair so much, I never want to take it off ^_^

What: Gurl6 - Taylor (Midnight), $195L
Where: Gurlywood (110, 111, 21)

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