Jewelry Expo 2007

The jewelry section is definitely one of the fastest growing parts of my inventory. I was totally not prepared for the jewelry overload that the Jewelry Expo 2007 would bring to me. It was exciting, with tons of freebies, no lag, and lots of shiny goodness. I've been waiting for this expo for months, and was totally excited when I woke up Saturday morning to visit it.

Chatelaine Brooch

After trying my luck with the Treasure hunt, I made a beeline for the Muse booth, where she was selling the Chatelaine Shoulder Brooch. I picked one up in silver, and also grabbed a choker that matches. I love this. Its not even jewelry - its art. It has chat commands that allows you to turn the feather either white or black. I totally feel like royalty while I wear this.

Platinum Heart Tag

As a gift to me from my partner, I got the Platinum Heart Tag set from EMJ. This has pretty much every thing I can imagine in a jewelry set: necklace, choker, bracelet, earrings, navel piercing, and even an anklet in it. Pretty amazing, and as usual, it looks amazing. As I expect from EMJ.

I bought so much more things, and may go back for a second round, if my finances will allow me to. The expo runs until September 22nd, and many items will only be available there... so better get going before it ends~

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