Saunders and Anya

Fall is coming. Everyone is coming out with fall fashion and all, I decided to go out and find a nice fall outfit. And, I did indeed find a good one - the Saunders outfit set from Refuge. It comes with the jeans (with prim legs which I love!), the jacket, and a red undershirt. I am in love with this set. Its totally cute. The trench part of the jacket is flexi, which makes it even cuter to me.

I also finally made it to ETD. I love the new build. Its so spacious, easy to maneuver around... but easier to get lost in. It took me a few minutes to find the new release wall, but I did it. Yay. When I got there, there were two staff working, it seems. Which is good, in case people need help. Okay, anyway... after looking at the new releases (and picking up the hair Deidra in black), I went straight to the discount room. I purchased all the freebies, and found the hair in the picture there. It is Anya in ebony, and just totally adorable. I added a hair ribbon from Eolande's to it for some extra flair. I just can not get enough of the discount room, I think it is a great idea for broke residents like I am. For $100L for a pack of ETD hair, it can't get any better than that. ^_^

What: Saunders Complete Outfit, $400L
Where: Refuge, Koreshan (52, 91, 24)

What: Anya (in Ebony), $100L for complete Black/White pack
Where: ETD, ETD Isle (138, 133, 33)

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