Celestial-Studios - Bikini

Hmm... ok, this is probably the most awesome swim wear system I've ever seen. It will definitely be difficult to explain though. First - You choose which base you want for your top and bottoms (boyshorts, g-string or bikini for bottoms, and bandeau, teeny and triangle for your top). The base is just a regular tintable white suit worn on the underwear layer. Next - you chose which design you want... stars, hibiscus, stripes, dots or pirates. The design is just that... a tintable design worn on the shirt and pants layer. Confused? I was too. So, you wear both layers, the underwear as well as the shirt and/or pants, and each is tintable, so you can tint the pattern and the base for millions of swim wear options!

In action shot ^_~

I was utterly confused when I was trying to understand how they worked, but once I realized, I quickly came to the conclusion that this was the most awesome system I've ever seen. I don't know about anyone else, but I always have the biggest problems finding sandals that match the bikini I wear. With this system, all I have to do is find a pair of sandals I love, then tint my suit to match! Totally awesome. And of course the suit and patterns are amazing as well. This has become my favorite bikini I own so far ^_^

What: Celestial Studios - Infini-Kini, Base $70L Each, and Patterns $40L Each
Where: Celestial City (102, 109, 27)

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