CS Skin

Starley is having a sale on some of her skins in Celestial City~ The Vogue line, as well as the Charmed line are both half off until Sunday, 7pm! So, as soon as the grid came back online on Wednesday, I hurried over to Celestial City to check it out. So many skin shoppers were there~ and as I expected, the lag was extreme. But, I somehow made my way to the back corner to find the Vogue skins.

CS Skin - Face

I quickly found the Cashmere skin tone I liked, and began my hunt for the skin I would like. The glitter noir skin looked nice, so I picked it up for only $500L! And, these skins are amazing as well... I love the Vogue skins, I could easily buy the entire line, If I had the money. Hehe~

SLURL: Celestial Studios, Celestial City (68, 240, 27)

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