Nicky Ree is my favorite gown designer. No doubt about it. The feature I look for in a gown are simple: no full flexi cylinders, the dress must cover my heels and it needs a good design. Nicky Ree offers all of those to me. Which, makes her the place I look to first when I want a new gown. I decided to go out and buy the Constellations Grace gown from her shop the other night. After shrinking it to make it fit me, and positioning it just right, I finally got to appreciate the gown. I love the patterns on every piece of it. The bottom of the skirt looks amazing, as well as the front of the entire thing. And - as always, the shading and highlights on the top and glitch pants are done incredibly well.

Grace Train

The reason why I've been so hesitant about buying this dress is because of the train. I don't really do very much that requires a really elaborate dress - I only go to a few jazz clubs, so having an extremely long train is a little overkill in my situation. But still, the train is beautiful to have for those special occasions.

Clothing: Nicky Ree - Constellations Grace (Gold), $800L
SLURL: Deco (86, 118, 28)

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