Swan Lake Dream

Ever since I saw Nicky Ree's blog post about her new Swan Lake Dream dresses, I've been drooling over them. Yesterday, I finally got my little paws on the white version. I teleported home as soon as I could and tried it on. I was shocked at how many objects and clothing items were included in the sale. O_o It almost needs a notecard explaining what attachments go where. But - I figured it out, and assembled my favorite set up. As all Nicky Ree dresses, it needed editing to fit my shape. I love that her dresses have modify permissions!

Swan Lake Dream - Muse

In this dress package, I also managed to find a skirt that had one of the scripts that helps with the skirt falling through chairs. I have to try it out, but I think its a great option to have for these long dresses. I recently bought the transferable version of the smart skirt for my own creations, I definitely think more clothes designers should go this route. Anyways, back to the topic. This dress has so many different skirts, attachments and options, that its hard to write about them all in this post. I've gotten a few compliments on it... just in one night!

What: Swan Lake Dream in White, $980L
Where: Nicky Ree, Deco (86, 97, 34)

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