Every time I see a set of neko ears, I always seem to buy them. It doesn't matter if they are the weirdest looking things ever, I still seem to buy them. ears are like, a collection for me lately. So, when I came across Wynx, and seen they had an ear and tail set, I quickly picked up a black set. Now, when I first put these on, I thought to myself that the look like mouse ears. They looked big, and the inside was pink. Weird because I hadn't seen such ears in Second Life before. But the very things that made me think they were mouse ears have become my favorite things. The pink is totally cute, and the size of them is good for wearing big hair... the ears are visible even then.

Another neat feature about these ears is that they are HUD driven. So, I am able to control the position of the ears as well as the twitching factor all through a HUD. Makes things so much easier. I no longer have to chase my head to click on a ear to change things. The twitching on these ears is much more realistic than any other ear I own, or have seen. They just barely move, but its still enough to register as a twitch... its nothing like those spazzy movements other ears make.

This set also included a neko tail as well. I put it on, and it started to rotate in complete circles, so I took it off and didn't put it back on. Still, the ears alone were well worth the $275L I paid for them. I cam completely in love with these ears.

What: Black Neko Ear and Tail Set, $275L
Where: Wynx, Raglan Shire (184, 129, 24)

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    have you done other reviews on other neko ears and neko supplies? I'd really love to know what-all's out there, and what particular makers are good to look at.

    Mine are Anisa's, and I love them, but I'd really love to look at some of the larger, fantasy styles.

  2. winter - I have so many neko ears and tails, I do plan on digging them all out and writing reviews for each of them. So, they will be coming soon ^_^

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    I *DO* hope so.. I'd love to see what's available.