Hair by Vixen

I visited Vixen and purchased a few hair styles from them. The styles are nice, but there are a few minor things that I have problems with. I love the alpha texture look, and some of the styles here lack that. On the few styles that do have the alphas, I noticed that the texture gets a little transparent... then stops. I can't really explain it, but you can see it in the top row of the image in the bangs, on the first and third picture. It just looks odd.

Anyway... I purchased (from left to right), Secret, Tease and Alchemy all in the Blackmail shade. For $175L each, I got two shades of each hair. A black, as well as a lighter, blueish black. The styles are really adorable, but I think I would like better a better alpha texture look. I will indeed wear them, but I don't really know if they would ever become my "default" hair.

What: Vixen - Secret, Tease, Alchemy (All in Blackmail color), $175L Each
Where: Vixen Island (128, 30, 29)

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