Shirt and Hoodie

Ok, I am in love with this shop called Monogrind. I purchased several things on my trip there, including the above shirt and hoodie. Their shirts come in two layers - shirt and jacket. This is awesome for tattooed people such as myself. ^_^ Most of their stuff is labeled as unisex, so I don't have to feel weird shopping in the mens section. Haha~ This place has lots of punky type of stuff, which I am totally in love with.


One of the best products they sell though is their belts. Their belts have awesome texturing, and very close attention to detail. The belt on the left of the picture came with two versions a normal one (which is a rainbowish), and the one pictured, a dark version. I love this shop so much, I don't understand why I just not heard of them. They definitely need to get more publicity.

What: Scar Shirt $63L, Stripy Black Hoodie $80L, Punky Studded Belts $194L, Flower and Chains Belt $120L
Where: Monogrind, Bristow (33, 195, 81)

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