Amaretto - Marguerite

So, when I heard that Amaretto released a September limited edition Marguerite dress, I hurried over there to check it out! I absolutely love limited edition things... who doesn't? I purchased it right away, and headed home to try it on. The textures on the flexi skirt are absolutely amazing. I adore the shading and love the awesome design on the bottom of the skirt. The transition from the glitch pants to the flexi skirt is also the best I've ever seen. You can barely see where the skirt meets the body. Extremely well done.

Amaretto - Marguerite Train

The train on this dress is really something. It really compliments the dress, and I love the little black bow with ribbons. Its a great dress, definitely worth the $350L I spent on it, but I do have a few quirks. One being that I'm not fond of the full cylinders used for the dress panels. I'd love to see this with half cylinders, maybe. I'd also love to see this design a little longer. I have to have my dresses to be long enough to cover my lower body as well my heels when I go out.

Clothing: Ameretto - Marguerite September Limited Edition, $350L
SLURL: Boracay Island (173, 106, 22)

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