Let me start off by saying: If jeans don't come with prim legs, I refuse to wear them. So, you can imagine how difficult it is to find jeans for me, in a world of system jeans. I've had Tart's crack jeans for a while, but - thats it. So, I set out to find a few new pairs of jeans with prim leg attachments. I hopped from one place from another, getting more frustrated as time went on. Just when I was about to give up and start looking for shoes, I decided to visit on last place - WRONG. After looking at rows and rows of non-prim legged jeans, I was about to turn and walk out .... when I seen the top row ... all with prim legs! Excited, I bought all 5 of the shades (shown below is the black, but they have dark, dirty, faded and grey as well). I immediately went home to try them on.

Prim Bootleg Jeans

They needed some adjusting to fit my shape, and I kind of modified them a little to get the style I like, but I am so excited I found them. Once I got them fitted to me, I can barely see where the prims meet the pants. Even then, I have to really concentrate on finding it. They look great, with the worn look on the legs and all. I am very pleased with these. I also picked up some cute skull beads and bangles while I was here.

What: WRONG - Prim Bootleg Jeans (Black)
Where: AlterNation (200, 119, 38)

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