I am no stranger to Another Shop's skins. I have previously blogged them, and fell in love with them - and their price. At the time, they were only $100L for an entire skin tone with all makeups. Amazing! However - Eloh Eliot has lowered her price once again to - FREE! Awesome? Yes, but thats not all. She is also offering these to us with full permissions. OMG. She has included the texture files in the pack, which is absolutely incredible. I had planned on making my own skin after the first of the year, so these are great for me to experiment with first. I also love the fact that I am now able to create my own makeups with these files.


Though, while I am very excited and happy she has done this, I and still wondering what her train of thoughts were when she decided to make them full perms. With all the idiots around who will no doubt resell these, it is difficult for me to understand why someone would offer such amazing skins with full permissions. But still - if people would respect other people's creations, I believe this is an incredible thing to offer. In a virtual world where it is possible to copy a person's look, it is great to know you can create your own makeup that reflects who you are.

SLURL: Another Shop, Lippert (74, 176, 178)

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    the timing of her release into the wild coincides with a very significant cultural event. my understanding is it's a christmas present. who needs to know more? enjoy.

  2. Hmm.... Perhaps that could be true. Quite interesting though.