OMG, I have soooooo much stuff I want to blog, and not enough time! But anyway, today's blog is about Blowpop's newest skins. I am no stranger to these skins, I got one from her update group a while ago, and they have only gotten better. These skins come in a ton of makeup options and many skin tones. Because there were a bit too many for my blog post, I chose my favorite tone (Cream) and my favorite makeups to picture.


There are a few things that I'm not too sure about. One is the tinting of the eyebrows and .... other body hair. I get frustrated with working the sliders (which is why I don't like editing shapes and things), so tinting hair that way is very intimidating for me. But~ The notecard that came with the skins was helpful, and made it less scary. (By the way, I love the title: "Caring for your Mellie" - Very cute and thoughtful!) I did get the eyebrows to the black shade I wanted though, so that was good. The makeups from left to right: Sapphire - Sunlit Copper Gloss, Amethyst - Soft Pink Shimmer, and Emerald - Clear Gloss.


I think the body is my favorite part of these skins. The shading is really nice, and I am fond of the shading around the bewbs. It seems to be difficult to find skins with the amount of cleavage I like in my skins, but these ones are great. The belly is well done as well. These skins just keep getting better and better - I think Annyka Bekkers is definitely a skin creator to watch. I do like these skins, and for the price, I think they are a great deal.

Also: If you like these skins, keep in mind that she takes really great care of her group members. I was a member for a while, but that dumb 25 group limit forced me to leave it TT_TT. If you have group space, Blowpop's update group is really a great one to join.

What: Melle2 Semi-Precious Collection - $799L a skin, or $2399L for a pack of 4
Where: Blowpop, Fuzzy (245, 172, 35)

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