I love the holidays. Expecially going on ornament hunts for goodies! On Halloween, I participated in the Mary Jane Shoes pumpkin hunt (and failed miserably at it), so I was excited to hear she was offering an ornament hunt for the Christmas holidays~ yay~ I tried hunting the ornaments down in the shop, but my goodness, they are just so TINY! After a few hours of hunting... I found.... 5 of them. I think there are 12 total? O.o


Anyway, the ones I did find included some adorable sets of shoes. I love the ones on the far right - ribbons are my obsession, so I drool over anything with them. These are really cute shoes, and definitely worth taking a look around the shop for. I do plan on going back to find some more when I have time.

SLURL: Mary Jane Shoes, Chalanties (27, 121, 660)

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