While I was roaming around the Koenji sim looking for transferable male clothing (so difficult to find - anyone have any good places with transferable male clothing?!), I came across a little shop called UnTone. This place was visually appealing, and definitely caught my eye. I went in, and was pleased with the products I seen.


I picked up the Hana Belt in both black and white, and the matching Hana bracelets for both belts.I think these are so cute. I do think the prim work on the flowers look great - They actually look like flowers! Almost like opened lotus blossoms, which happens to be my favorite flower. I am particularly fond of the chain and the little flexi ribbons. All in all, a very girlie, adorable belt with super-cute matching bracelets. Oh, and a note on the bracelets, they are not the same on each arm. Yay~ these gives a little more variety with my sets.

What: Hana Belt in both Black and White $130L Each, and Hana Bracelets $120L Each set
Where: UnTone Accessories, Koenji (116, 139, 39)

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