Yeah, ok. These don't look the best on my shape, but I hate changing my shape to anything else. But - I had to blog these skins. They are from the awesomeness that is called Another Shop. I've been hearing a lot about these skins, and I even picked up the demos and freebies in the store. However - I never really tried them on. But, when I heard that Another Shop was now offering tons of skins for only $100L! I logged into SL as soon as I could and TP'ed there right away.


I parted with my $100L and went straight home and tried them on. I am truly amazed at how amazing these skins are for the price. You get 8 different makeups in this package with several different options with them (different colored eyebrows, 2 styles of eyebrows and freckle options). I pictured two of my favorites from the 8. And remember: my pictures definitely do not do them justice. They look absolutely amazing. I think the rosy cheeks on these are totally cute. The makeup on the left is Gluttony and one the right is Envy.


The rest of the body. These seem like hand painted skins, and I love the incredible detail that is on them. The shading and highlights are amazing, and definitely a lot of time went into these. These have, without doubt, the best boob shading I've seen on a hand painted skin. Why the creator only charges $100L for all these skins, I will never understand.

What: Le - $100L
Where: Another Shop, Lippert (74, 176, 178)

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    YES!! I totally agree, Eloh's skins Another Shop are amazing, these are my fave skins in SL.

    The lips are perfectly shaped, just the right amount of gloss, the freckles are soo cute and the black skin version is one of the best I've seen, and on top of that they seem to suit every shape.

    I really hope Eloh is making money from these cos she deserves it.

  2. Seriously, I wish she would set up a tip jar or something because I almost feel like I'm stealing these skins!

    They are amazing, I agree. The gloss is the best feature of this skin to me - among tons others ^_^