When Roxana Demina dropped some review poses on me, I tried them out right away. Being a pose maker myself, I know how difficult making good, quality poses is. Seriously, its not an easy task. So, I was curious to see these.


These are really cute poses - very natural looking, and very realistic. Those two things are what I look for most in a pose, so it makes these awesome to me. These poses fit my avatar quite well, but according to her profile - she even makes the same poses for different sized avatars. I think thats a great thing to offer others. Pictured is a pose from "Beachy" to be released in 2008, and two poses from the "Reserved" AO (only $200L for an AO - awesome!).

She is looking to give her shop a new start, and is doing away with some of her items... so us shoppers get cheap goodies! Her older poses are put in a vendor for only $20L each, or $250L for all 15 of them!

SLURL: Dilemma, Kuai aku (230, 23, 23)

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