A while ago, I had ventured to RaC and seen the prices on their skins. At the time, I thought it was insane to charge $4000L for a set of skins. I picked up some demos and tried them on at home. I noticed some issues with them, but it was instant love for me. The faces on these are so beautiful, I knew I wanted to buy the whole store. I let the demos sit in my inventory for a few days, hoping I would lose interest - but I didn't. They were on my mind all the time. So, I finally went out and bought Tasha. A day after wearing it around the grid, I decided to go and purchase another that I had kept going back to. Alexis.


Top is Tasha, and on the bottom is Alexis. The faces on these are very cute, and for the price of $4000L, you get all 6 skins that have different lip colors. If you think about it, thats really not that bad of a deal, but when I only like 2 of the skins in the package - it makes me want to cry. But hey, look at the face on these! So adorable~ One look at the face really sold it for me - I knew I had to have these. So, it was worth it.


The body has some seam issues, as I've noticed around the upper to lower body. Seam issues don't really bother me that much, so I am willing to overlook that. I love the shading/highlights, and it gives me the boost of cleavage that is a necessity for any skin I purchase. Another selling point of this skin was the legs. OMG, these have the cutest legs I've ever seen on a SL skin. I'd love to wear more skirts to show these legs off... but its winter IRL, and the thought of seeing anything in a skirt makes me want to groan. O.o

What: Tasha Smoky - $4000L, Alexis - $4000L
Where: RaC, RaC City (180, 125, 27)

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