My jewelry folder is getting surprisingly gigantic. It is the biggest folder in my inventory, and I swear - buying elaborate pieces is my addiction. I do have a few items from Second Mirage that I enjoy, so when she gave me a few review copies of her items, I really couldn't wait to try them on.


My favorite of the copies I received, is the Pamela set. You can choose from several different gem stones, though I only pictured my two favorites: diamond and sapphire. But all the others are really beautiful as well. These sets come with earrings as well as a necklace.


Also, for something a little different: the Kenichi set. While I rarely go for accessories with various shades of color, I find this to be one of my exceptions. What really stood out for me on this set - was the amazing amount of detail that can be found on it. From the textures, to the really tiny strings found on it. In my picture, you can't really see the detail, but I would suggest visiting the Second Mirage store to try on a demo.


Also, definitely check out the Advent Calendar that Second Mirage has up. Every day until Christmas, if you come into the shop, you can click on the ornament that corresponds with the current day, and you get a free piece of jewelry! I've been doing this, and have received some amazing gifts, as pictured above. Pictured: Adrienne, Karen, Khione and Tess. If you missed any of these items in the advent calendar, they are still available to purchace in the store.

What: Pamela in Diamond and Sapphire - $350L each set, Kenichi - $175L, Advent Calendar gifts - Free Daily, though still available afterwards for varying prices.
Where: Second Mirage, Second Mirage (51, 27, 23)

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