OMG, the holidays came so quick this year, and my awesome partner got me so many things, I can't wait to blog about! But anyway, I will start my blog now :P For those of you who read my blog often, you know I am a huge fan of Alienbear Gupte's work. Every time she releases something, I go into mega-fangirl mode and skip happily to Le'Bear Castle. So, guess what?! She is having a 50% off sale on selected items! Just look for the items with a red border! Sale lasts until January 1st.


I bought soooooo much stuff. This one is the Princess Calanthe, and is very beautiful. I purchased this, and only realized that the back dropped down when I was trying it on at home. Totally an added bonus! I think this would look stunning with some backless gowns I have. ^_^


Two sets that I've been wanting for months: the Queen Nevada and Princess Nieve. I love the elaborate pieces on the Queen Nevada. While the Nevada is more formal, the Nieve could be worn in less formal occasions, which is why I love Alienbear's work so much - you can wear most pieces will almost anything. In the top floor of the castle, you can also find stunning crowns to go with these, that are also on sale. I picked a few up, but decided to only picture the main set.


This is the Krystelle '07 Christmas set, as well as the Christal set that was made for shine. These two are not on sale, and the silver Christal set is all sold out. Then, why am I blogging these? The Krystelle set, because it is so stunning, and at $1000L for the entire set, it is total awesomeness. The Christal set made for Shine... I am blogging this for a different reason. Ready for a story?

When it first came out, I stood in front of the display that said only 50 to be sold. I debated for several hours, and when my partner Bats came on, he suggested that I don't get it. Days went buy, and I regretted not purchasing it. When it sold out, I felt terrible that I didn't purchase it. I went to the Shine fashion show, and seen a few there. I swore they were just out to make me miserable. But, when Bats and I exchanged gifts on the 24th, the last gift he gave me... was the silver Christal Shine set! OMG, I was so excited, yet angry that he kept it from me. So, I feel very lucky to have it. I am blogging this because I think it is the best work Alienbear has ever created as of this posting, and since there is still 2 gold sets available for sale - it would be depressing if they all didn't sell out.

SLURL: Le'Bear Castle, Bratz (156, 242, 29)

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    hehe You did what I did :) Alienbear is one of my top jewelers in game :D