I love Alienbear Gupte's jewelry. She makes really amazing and stunning jewelry. A few times a year, she sets out a beautiful set of jewelry in her lucky chairs. This time: the Aputsiaq set, are for the months of December and January. After she releases the lucky chair sets, I spend tons of time wandering from chair to chair collecting them all. This time was no different. I collected the sets from the chairs, and before I left, I noticed a TON of people standing outside. I went to investigate, to find they were waiting for the MobVend's price to lower~ I've never been lucky enough to catch the MobVend people, so never got them. But this time, I hung around there, and when the price got to its lowest ($299L!) I hurried and purchased it.


In this amazing set from the MobVend was (from left to right), the silver set, gold set, and a special edition set made just for the MobVend. Only the MobVend sets contains the little "party crown" seen in the pictures. The silver set can be found in the lucky chairs on the Alienbear Jewelry side, while the gold is lucky chair prizes on the BijouxOr side.

It also seems that these will be the last lucky chair gifts. After January 31st, there will be no more of these. I respect Alienbear's decision, she's been so good to her customers and group members, she deserves a break. ^_^

What: Aputsiaq MobVend Set - Originally $3000L but can get down to $299L
Where: Le'Bear Castle, Bratz (194, 239, 29)

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    Thank you so much sweetie for your sweet post! You look so stunning on this sets. Good pictures too ! I am really glad you love them. & yes this will be the last lucky chair sets but ...

    I will keep designing something nice for my members. & renew my freebies gift. oh yes been 2 years didn't renew my freebie gifts, think time to make a new & nice one ^^

    Merry Christmas ^^

    ALienbear Gupte

  2. Aww, thanks Alienbear! I'm excited to hear you are thinking of renewing your freebie gifts, I can't wait to see what it will look like ^_^

    You are just so kind to your group members <3