Wow. Ok, where do I begin? A few weeks ago, I wanted to purchase a Minnu skin. Unfortunately, the sim was closed, so I was forced to purchase it from one of their side shops. I quickly began to love the Minnu skin, so I have been eagerly waiting for the sim to open back up so I can do more shopping. As soon as 10am SLT hit, I was on the TP button right away. I got there, and OMG, lag was terrible! It literally took me 40 minutes to get to the skins room. People refused to rez for me too, so if I bumped into you, Sorry! But, I finally got there and gawked at all the goodness that was on the walls. I only seen the main things, because I got frustrated with lag, but I will without a doubt be back later on.


I purchased 2 skins, Earth in Pale skin tone, and Kevin in the Tan skin tone. I would have been in total heaven if the Kevin makeup was on the Pale tone, but its ok. The Kevin in tan is a bit dark for me, but I really like it. I love Minnu, so I'll make exceptions. OH! AND! The hair wore in all these pictures was completely free, and found in the hall near the shoes (you get all colors too!)! I love this hair, its definitely one of my favorites.


I also bought this adorable Sendal Dress from Maitreya, after walking through the lag for an additional 25 minutes (and a sim crossing that booted me out of the building!), but it was worth it. Its really cute and feminine. It comes with prim arm cuffs, and a super-cute scarf.


I can honestly say that before I went to Glam World, I have never owned a pair of boots. I have never found any I liked, and all of them seemed to have the dreaded pointy toe that just looks so uncomfortable. I found some incredible looking boots at Maitreya! And, of course... I went a little crazy. I purchased two of these awesome boots, as well as some beautiful heels. I love them all. How come I never bought boots before?! From left to right: Bloom, Boot-alicious, and Solace.

And OMG, sorry for the lack of posts lately! I recently bought a Fashionista Closet and am trying my hardest to get my inventory sorted and put away. Its just so time consuming!

What: Loelle - FatPack - $0L, Minnu Earth Makeup Pale Tone - $1200L, Minnu Kevin Makeup Tan Tone - $1200L, Sendal Dress - $275L, Bloom - $350L, Boot-alicious - $250L, Solace - $300L
Where: Minnu and Maitreya, Glam World (208, 122, 23)

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    A fashionista closet? Forgive me if I'm misunderstanding, but is this some sort of object to help control ones inventory? If so, I must find one!