Gah~ My IMs have been capping lately, and I'm crashing on log in sometimes, so if you've IM'ed me lately, I probably didn't get it, so feel free to drop me a notecard~ I apologize, SL can be a pain sometimes!

Anyway. I've been stalking the fashion feed lately, and have been noticing a few things from a place called Aphrodite Creations. Every time I see an item from them, I think to myself: "ooooo, pretty!" and put them on my list to visit. Unfortunately, I haven't had the time to visit them (with all the Christmas freebie gathering and all!), so I was ecstatic when the creator dropped some review copies on me.


This outfit is really cute. Like, seriously. I put the Midnight one on when she passed them to me, and wore it the entire day (which is really good because I usually change 3-4 times a day O.o). It is the Tender Allure outfit, which I love the name. Very creative, I think. I usually have trouble finding things to wear with my boots, but these look great with a variety of them. Really cool. The colors on these are nice as well, I'm not much of a "color" person (I much prefer whites, grays and blacks), but these are definitely the kind of colors I have no problems wearing. This pictured set includes the Grape, Cherry and Midnight colors.


They come in a ton of color options as well. This one is Rose, Lime and Gold. There are other options as well, all of which are equally as cute. The price of these is really great as well - only $150L for a package of 3 colors! O.O -Or- you can get the fat pack of all 12 colors for only $450L.

I love these, I think they are absolutely adorable - though, if there was one thing I would love to see on this outfit : prim or sculptie lower arm attachments. I love the look that those provide - makes it a little more realistic than just the standard clothing cut. These are still nice the way they currently are though.

In addition to Tender Allure, she also has some other really amazing pieces of clothing - like a gorgeous looking gown/dress called Winter Wonder. I'm definitely going to have to come back to this shop in a few days to buy some other things ^_^

What: Tender Allure - $150L for 3 colors, or $450L for a fat pack of 12 colors
Where: Aphrodite Creations, Star Scythe (71, 196, 130)

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    thank you so much !!! what a lovely review that is :D

  2. Hehe, well, its a great outfit! I'm definitely looking forward to seeing more of your creations ^_^

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    I love the textures so much! :)