I think Saeya Nyanda, the creator behind Kyoot Army, is very unique in her creativity. I love her Photosphere, and I use it several times a day (I swear, she's a genius for creating that!). Her clothing items are amazing, and I can never get enough of them. Thats why - when I heard about this phenomenal Mourning Minnu Gown, I tp'ed right away and didn't spare a second thought when I bought it. This had a skin made by Minnu Palen that was created for this gown, but I decided not to purchase it. If you want to though, the cost of the skin is $1200L, and has the awesome qualities as any other Minnu skin.


Anyway! I think this gown is beautiful, and for the price, its a steal. I've paired it with a existing Minnu skin I had, and I think they look great together. This gown came with the vest/collar thing, which makes it really something unique. Totally stunning.

What: Mourning Minnu Gown - $350L
Where: Kyoot Army, Silent (127, 203, 41)

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    If anyone should be classified as haute couture, I do believe the designs of Saeya Nyanda should be :)

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    That gown is beautiful.

    And yes, the Photosphere was a stroke of pure genius, imo.

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