Before the opening of Glam World, I've never owned a pair of boots. Now, it seems like I can't get enough of them. I had told myself that I wouldn't buy anything else until my inventory was safely in my Fashionista Closet, and I am able to find things when I wanted them. Well... that didn't work. I drooled over Shiny Things' newest creations, the Chunky Ribbon Boots, until I couldn't restrain myself anymore. The promise to my inventory to organize it? Broken.


When I first saw these in pictures... I thought: "No way do those really look like that!" Well... They really do. Fallingwater Cellardoor's use of sculpted prims is absolutely amazing, and these boots really show it. They come with 4 different sizes for the lower leg prim, which made it super-easy for a boot-newbie like me. It also comes with a HUD so you can choose from 6 lace colors. Very cool.

It was only after I bought them that I realized that I didn't have anything to wear with them. But - I'll gladly work my outfit around these ^_^

What: Chunky Ribbon Boots in Black - $500L
Where: Shiny Things, Shiny Falls (173, 181, 37)

On a unrelated note - I changed the layout of the blog! Please let me know what you think about it, and if you notice any weird errors or weird things going on.

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    Oooh...oooh, I neeed those!

    I swore I would never buy anything for this Avatard but the temptation is too much when I see boots like this.

    /me rushes off to Shiny Things