Ok, my shop's move is finally complete, so now I can get back to blogging regularly again! Yay!

Blooberry - Portland Fancy 01

Anyway, when I first saw these on the feed, omg, I had to run out and get them. They have a retro feel to them, but I adore the stripe things on the back of them the most. They are something I haven't seen too much of in SL, and I wish more designers would experiment with this sort of thing. ^^

Blooberry - Portland Fancy 02

The stripes did take a TON of editing to get somewhat right though - Resizing was not enough for my shape... I had to actually dig in the prims and edit individual ones to get them to look similar to how they are supposed to look. But, in the end, I think they turned out great. ^^

What: Portland Fancy in Aubergine and Black - $250L each.
Where: Blooberry, Blooberry (98, 183, 32)
What Else: Hair by Truth, jewelry by Illusions, shoes by Maitreya and Armidi. See the In-World Locations page for SLURLs.

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