Adam n Eve came out with a new collection! I checked out the pictures of each one of the new pieces, and fell in love with two.

Adam n Eve - Decollage

First, the Decollage in black and yellow. If there was ever an Academy Awards ceremony in SL, and I was invited to it - there is no doubt that I would wear this gown. Its almost perfect for that sort of occasion. I think its totally beautiful, and definitely makes me want to go find a party to show it off at. :D

Adam n Eve - Ocelot

Next - Ocelot. Normally, I don't really go for animal printed things, but for some reason - I loved this dress. I suppose it may be the magic of Adam n Eve. ^^ This has two different styles of skirts - short and long, and is in a variety of colors to choose from.

What: Decollage in black and yellow - $500L each, Ocelot in blue, yellow and natural - $500L each.
Where: Adam n Eve, Genesis (208, 129, 34)
What Else: Hair by Truth, shoes by Armidi, jewelry by Muse.

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    You look so cute int hem too! Thank you, lovely review :)