If there is one place that I love, but hate to go to - its BareRose. I really love their products, but the constant lag isn't all that appealing to me. However, I still find myself there several times a week - hoping to find some great new awesomeness by June Dion. :D

BareRose - Ameterasu

This time, I bring to you - Amaterasu, a wedding dress with tons of options. I've always loved wedding dresses, even if I will probably never wear one. So, my inventory has tons of wedding dresses hidden within its depths. Anyway, one thing I love about BareRose, is the nice, flowing, crazy flexi prims that poke out of many of their creations. So, naturally, I'd love the "wind" effect that this dress gives. I think it would look great in a forest with Aden's "Windblown" hair that every one blogged about not too long ago. XD

BareRose - Amaterasu

If you don't like the big, poofy wedding dress, you can still enjoy this set! It also comes with 2 additional skirt options, for whichever purpose you may have. And of course, you can take layers and prim attachments off for many more wardrobe options. :D

What: Amaterasu - $150L
Where: BareRose, Bare Rose (146, 12, 30)
What Else: Hair by ETD, shoes by Maitreya. See the In-World Locations page for SLURLs.

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