Skin Fair 2008

I've been waiting for the Skin Fair to come! The Skin Expo last year was not very impressive, so I honestly wasn't expecting much from this year's Skin Fair (this is apparently put on by a different group of people). I spent Saturday braving the lag, and picking up some demos (I think I have officially picked up the PXL Creations demos for the 100th time) and a few freebies.

I do plan on going back later when its not so laggy and picking up some skin goodness, once I've tried on every demo I managed to grab. But for now, I'll show you my favorite freebies you definitely should not miss at the skin fair.

Skin Fair 2008 Freebies

From left to right: Tuli, Wax Poetic, and La Sylphide. Such amazing skins available for free! *huggles skin designers* Anyway, I have seen a few new-to-me designers at the fair, but really - not much new stuff. Fleur and BlowPop debuted new skins, but I think thats really it. But still, the skin fair was fun to hang out at, meet a few new people, fangirl over the big fashion names walking around (omg, my fangirling did not stop all day!), and check out some new skin designers.

SLURL: Skin Fair 2008, Vanity Universe (172, 131, 602)

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    You probably did get it already, but there's also a free skin from Adam n Eve (and there's also two new skins there). :)

    There was also an updated male skin from PXL, though I am not sure if that was released specifically for the Skin Fair or not.

    Other than that, not as many news, sales and specials as one might have hoped for.

  2. Ah! A free skin from Adam n Eve? Gah~ it must have been one of those things that refused to rez no matter how long I stood there for. I'll have to note that one for when I go back.

    I don't typically keep up with the man skins (mainly because I much prefer my partner's Abyss skin over anything else XD), so I didn't know about PXL's updated one. O.o I may have to drag the partner there when I go back to grab a few of those demos.

    Yeah, I did expect a few sales - I know PopFuzz was having one .... but not as much as I was expecting. Really, everything I need/want, I can just head to the main shop of almost any skin fair participant and get what I need without the lag of Skin Fair.

    Ah well, it was fun to roam around and see all the different skins in one place. ^^

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    I put out the skin I wore to the show for a linden and I also debuted Timeless Couture at the show, it is not on sale at my main store! I made that line specificaly for the fair, and I know that other designers did the same thing too!

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    I think that there could definitely have been better overall promotion of the fair (but its a big undertaking, and you don't get everything right on the first go), and also some sort of central promotion for the designers doing new releases, special deals, etc.

    In most cases, I think people have only found out about those things from skin designers they were already keeping tabs on, and that doesn't help anyone discover new designers. As you say, its easy enough to miss signs or other things (its a big apple in the Adam n Eve booth that has the freebies, btw) that don't rezz in all that lag. :)

    And, yeah, as far as male skins go, its hard to beat the Abyss. Though my partner and I looked at PXL for some variety (we each switch between multiple shapes), and they're quite impressive.

  5. Gaw~ I missed your release too, Ashia? I must be living in a cave lately. TT_TT Made another note to visit your skin booth... thingie (what are they called, anyway? O.o) ^^

    Anyway, I believe I read on their graphic somewhere that this is the first Skin Fair they put on? If so, I think it will just get better over time, and I have to say - I was impressed with how many designers attended. I hope they will take into consideration the issues they had this year and make it better for the next one ^^ So, my complaining isn't necessarily a bad thing - just something to build up on and make it better. :D

    This fair has TONS of potential, and I will be looking forward to the next one. ^^

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    Hehehe, your cave must be next to mine!!! There are def things they could do next year to make it go smoother, though I must say it was probably a nightmare trying to organise us all and the models with all the different time zones and such......oh and a pesky thing called RL!! When the excitement of the first week dies down I'll have another wander through myself, there were so many designers I wanted to see whose stuffs just didnt rez, maybe next year having 2 sims next to each other would make for less lag? :)

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    Hi Sai, it was wonderful to meet you at the Skin Fair. Hugs!

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    Whenn does the skin fair end? I really want to get some of these skins also.

  9. I'm not entirely sure exactly when it ends, but I believe I read somewhere that it ends early next month. So, you still have plenty of time ^^

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    Ok awsome! Does anyone know where these freebies are at? My sl loads so darn slow ill be sitting here for 2 hours to load one shop.

  11. You may want to check out this post, written by Freyja. It lists places that have sales at the fair, the dollarbie skins, as well as those with new releases there.

    Don't forget to pick up a few other skin demos and support the creators :D

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    Awsome thanks so so much :)