The first formal gown I ever purchased was from Ivalde. I went on several dates with my partner, with that dress, so Ivalde has always held a place in my heart. I recently seen the Arielle dress, and did a giant squee.

Ivalde - Arielle Black

I kid you not, these are amazing dresses. I love them, and want to wear them for all of SL eternity. XD I think it was originally the beautiful empire style and textures that drew me to this dress, but once I started really looking at it, the more I loved it.

Ivalde - Arielle White

Seriously, this dress is beautiful. It comes in black, white, pink, blue (and a beautiful maroon color for group members only for this weekend!). It fit my shape really well straight out of the folder - I did not need to do any editing at all for this to fit. Bonus. ^^

Ivalde - Millie Red

Ivalde is definitely known to me as a retro paradise, and this, Millie, is one of her more recent releases. I'm not entirely sure which era this came from, but I do know its a wonderful gown. I love the use of sculpties and the amazing detail on the back.

What: Arielle in black and white - $400L each, Millie in Red - $400L
Where: Ivalde, Ivalde (92, 183, 37)
What Else: Hair by ETD, jewelry by Alienbear and Second Mirage. See the In-World Locations page for SLURLs.

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    I love that Arielle dress, it reminds me of Elizabeth Bennett in Pride and Prejudice.